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Loving Kindness for self


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 Did you know there are three kinds of dreams the mind brings us? Each of the dreams happen, according to Dr. Kappas, at different stages of sleep.

The first set of dreams happen within an hour of falling asleep and are the wishful/hoping/thinking stage of dreams. This is the mind’s attempt to sort out and store the thoughts of the day.

Then we have dreams which predict the future based on our experience thus far; the precognitive stage.

Lastly there is the final stage of dreams (the one’s I recall the most) which are the most important of the three types. This is the stage in which the mind will focus on venting and releasing; dumping message units which our minds accumulated during the day and need to be released. This stage happens in the last 1/3 of sleep.

I have been a dream student for years; have many dream books and am always working toward dream anaylsis.

The Oracle and I are firm believers that whatever happens in dreams is normally the opposite in life; this thinking really aids in nightmares!

Keeping in mind how powerful our brains are this is extremely interesting; considering we only use 12% of the brain …the other 88% is all subconscious mind power.

Dreams can make us feel loopy somedays.

Like last night, I dreamt I was pregnant. I could even feel the baby moving inside of me.

Isn’t it odd how realistic dreams can be?

The wizard told me dreams are tests….some real, some not – all working toward taking us to our next level of evolution.

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