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Loving Kindness for self


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A Peaceful Warrior story or how Not to create your life

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Make 2011 your best year ever!

Studies show people who write down their goals accomplish more than those who do not.

Learn how to use this simple yet powerful technique to create your best year yet!

Some headings you could include to create your best year are:

Spirituality/Inner Peace

Be sure to make each item on the list 3-D (What does it smell like? How does it feel? Is there a taste involved? What does it look like? …you get the idea)

Wishing you a year where you see all of your dreams come true!


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Alternate nostril breathing

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I just realized

I think I could live online. 


I just looked at all of the websites I have created and realized just how much time I actually spend on the computer.

Sometimes I enjoy researching;  the net is amazing for research.  Although it is important to remember just because something is online does not make it truth.  This is similar to television, magazines and books.  Specifically for health concerns, far too many are caught up in self-diagnosing etc., which can cause more trouble than its worth.

Sometimes I enjoy blogging; ok, I’ll admit I LOVE blogging.  Not only in this community but also in my other blogs where we can connect with others on the planet and not feel as though we are ‘in this’ alone.

I even enjoy Facebook.  Reallly!  This morning I got to catch up with someone I haven’t spoken to in years.  It was great to hear what he is doing now. 

I’m still not the best MySpace-r, however, I do try to post a blog topic now and then.

My latest favourite thing is writing.  I was invited to write for How to Do things and enjoy seeing my work published.  I also am a member of other free article sites and enjoy writing whatever I feel like writing on any given day.

And latestly, web design.  I am self-taught.  Thankfully long gone are the days when we have to decifer HTML script with many pagebuilding programs available it definitely makes our work go much faster and easier.

I just heard Brad Paisley’s song, Online, again this morning and had to laugh:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GcVnhNjWV0   Although i don’t live with my parents nor do I drive an old hyndai or have a black belt in karate!  The song truly is priceless.

Now I’m rambling, besides I do have to get out the door to teach another class now.  So I’ll have to wait until later to be kewl online!


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Life truly is all about perspective. 

This is one thing the whiplash has taught me.

I just realized the last time I had this injury, I let it get to me emotionally.  I allowed myself to be taken by it in a sense of victimization.

This time, I’m not playing the victim.

This time (some 20 years later…gawd that truly was a lifetime ago) I understand everything happens for a reason.

It would seem this post has helped me to figure out one reason.

I wonder how many more treasures I will find buried in there?

PS.  It’s great to see so many familiar faces back to class.  I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share time with each of you!

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If I had a million dollars

This week there was a conversation about money. The specific conversation was about what you would do if you earned &/or won three million dollars. Here’s a portion of it….

“I’d be outta here in a minute if it happened to me.” said one.

“Damn straight, I’d retire in a flash!” replied another.

“Or would you?” I asked.

“What are you talking about? You can’t tell me you wouldn’t quit. I mean why would you work? You wouldn’t need the money!”

“What if you love what you do?” I pressed further. “Look at these guys like Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale or Harv Eker; they have millions and they still work.”

“For what reason?” asked the one in confusion.

“Hmmpp, to make more money,” replied the other.

“They have all said its because they love what they do,” I explained. “Why retire? You need some reason to wake up in the morning. And if what you are doing is your passion, wouldn’t you want to do it even more?”

“Yeah, but I’m not talking about those guys; I mean real people like you and me.”

Call me crazy, but when I met them they seemed like real people…just like the rest of us. 

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