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Inversions and Menstruation

I just posted a video on my YouTube channel about sleeping and how to help with sleep.  And one thing I mentioned was legs up to help relax the body.  Which leads to the question…

Is it safe for me to do Legs up the wall or Shoulderstand during my monthly cycle?

Ok, here’s the thing about Shoulder stand (Sarvangasana), Legs up the wall (Viparita Karani) or any inversion really when it comes to your period.

If you have a scanty period or if you are wanting to bring on your period (say it’s late with no chance of being pregnant) then you may want to do these asanas (poses).

However if you have a heavy flow already, then stay away from them.  Wait until your period is finished.

Here’s why…

When we do inversions the blood that pools into the legs is sent back to the heart to be replenished with fresh oxygenated blood.  However during you’re period it will increase the blood flow.  It’s not necessarily dangerous by any means, but if you do not want more blood flow, then it’s best to avoid doing it.

Basically think of gravity.  Take a half full (optimistic thinking… lol) bottle of water and turn it upside down – obviously all of the water will flow to the bottom.  Same thing goes when we do inversions.

Now some people even have this ‘issue’ when it comes to little bridge pose (Setu bhandasana) so it too is a pose you may wish to avoid.

Most women however will not have increased flow (that is noticable anyhow) from little bridge, but will definitely notice it from the other postures mentioned.

So as I said, if you’re period is late or if you wish more flow then by all means get those legs up!  But if not… well… there you go.



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