Wii Fit Yoga Review

I tried the Wii Fit yoga on my nephews player.  I must say I was surprised.

The program is actually pretty good considering its a gaming system.  The balance board is fun to see where you’re center of gravity is.  Some of the poses however aren’t shown correctly or thoroughly enough… for example:

Warrior 2 the front foot is on the balance board, but what about the back foot.  It’s important to place even amounts of pressure on the feet and often students forget about their hind leg.

Downward dog is done with the hands on the board and again many students try to force down the heels rather than focus on the length of the back body.  You can fully sacrifice the length of the spine by not focusing on the back body.

Saying this, and keeping in mind it is a gaming system, I’d say its a good way to begin.  However, remember even teachers need to take classes.  Not only to stay current, but also because you can’t see you’re own body.

This is pretty much where yoga videos, books and devices like Wii …hmmm… how can I say this… not necessarily fail persay ….however you can still be doing the asanas (poses) incorrectly or a tiny adjustment could shift and change everything for you.

Is that a nice way of saying come to class!  LOL

Many Mom’s and Grandma’s often tell me their tween or early teen wishes to take a class.  Yet all of my classes are offered for 18+ simply because of the locations.

So this would be a great gift for anyone wishing to get themselves started.  Again it doesn’t replace the need for a physical teacher.


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Yoga Mats

Most yogini’s and yogis love their mats.  And hopefully get a lot of use out of them.  I’m often asked where people can buy yoga mats.  They are available at many retailers but they are not all rated the same.
You can spend a little on a $10-$20 mat which are made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and are therefore toxic.  A PVC free mat may cost you more in the beginning however its worth it in the end.  Without having your face next to plastics you can enjoy your pranayama (breathing) practice knowing you are taking in fresh, clean air and not vinyl.  A PVC-free mat can be upwards of $75


Regardless of the mat you buy be sure to wash it before you use it.  Put a few drops of dish soap into a spray bottle.  Spray and wipe the mat.  Be sure to hang it to dry (I toss mine over the shower curtain rail).  Never place a yoga mat into a washing machine or dryer.

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December 12, 2011 · 5:46 pm

Neck Pain and sleeping

I hear so many students talk to me about neck pain. This is something that I can fully relate to. One of worst things you can do for yourself is to sleep on your stomach. This causes undue stressors on the cervical spine.

After you retrain yourself to not sleep on your belly finding and using a cervical pillow is another way to help your neck.  There is a lot of personal preferences as far a pillows go.

It’s like T.Harv Eker says…. “Over time the uncomfortable will slowly become comfortable. “

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December 9, 2011 · 4:37 pm

Obusform Seat Cushion review

If you have ever had any low back problems you can appreciate having a comfortable place to sit.  Oddly enough many Chiropractors will tell you to sit on a hard chair; not a soft and cushy one.  However if you are having back problems the last place you want to sit is on something hard.

Especially if you, like me, have ever had Sciatica.  If you haven’t before, you are so lucky.  I don’t even like to talk about it quite honestly for fear that I may attract it somehow.  If you have never experienced it, it feels like a hot knife in your seat or running down the back of your leg.  Not that I’ve ever had a hot knife there… so maybe that’s not the right way to explain it, but hopefully you’ll know what I mean.

I didn’t think this seat cushion would help

Not specifically only with Sciatica I’ve also had other low back issues.  And I couldn’t believe how comfortable this thing is.  Some of the benefits include:

-inflatable lumbar support

-heat (ice is better for a new injury, but if you’ve been struggling with pain for years heat is the way to go)

-massages low back (everyone with low back discomfort should seek a massage therapist!), seat and thighs

But I was wrong.  This thing is so comfortable and portable, so you can take it in the car, place it on your office chair or slide it onto the chair you are watching TV in.  It’s great.

Here’s the thing, if you have a major subluxation you should go and see a chiropractor.  Now I know some of you don’t like chiropractic care; however I would recommend you see one.  If not at least look into taking a yoga class so you can take action and not fall into simply taking meds which will be a bandaid remedy; most meds have side-effects.  Now I’m getting off track here….

Wondering what a subluxation is?

Loosely described its a misalignment of the spine.  If one of the vertabrae are said to be in subluxation it simply means the vertabrae is not where its supposed to be (tipped forward, back or to one side).

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Serve no wine before its time… or open it that is

Or not at all with some cheezie openers!  I have a couple of lever openers that I love.  They aren’t fancy, nor do they take a body builder arm to open.


Then I have some that I really can’t stand.  There’s one for example that’s shaped like a lobster claw which looks really cool, until you try to use it that is!  It seriously drives me nuts.  But someone obviously thought it was a good idea.



The Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener is really kewl.    The company claims this thing “opens up to 80 bottles of wine on a single charge.”


Now I have no idea why I’d ever wish to open 80 bottles of wine; not at once anyhow.  And if I did it would be one largely attended party.  However the idea that I can use this thing without having to worry about recharging is great.


The built-in thermometer  displays both wine bottle and room temperature which is a fantastic option.  We have a wine fridge, but its nice to know when the bottle comes out of it what its temperature is. 


Why does the temperature of the wine even matter you ask?

A wine’s temperature will determine it’s flavour.  At the improper temperature a wine can be more acidic among other things some of which are:  reducing its bountiful flavours and smells, prematurely ages the wine so it won’t taste as good (who wants to drink a wine that tastes like vinegar?) and it can make a wine taste dull.


There are some great wine charts online that help you with this.  A simple search will help you find them. I remember years ago I was taught to serve red wine room temperature and white wine cold.  There’s so many different options now and a thermometer along with the proper info will get you there!  And as some say its always better to have wine too cold than too warm… cold will always warm up at some point!


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Vacu Vin Wine Saver, Stainless Gift Set Review

I don’t know about you but I love stainless steel.  Most of our kitchen appliances are stainless so when we see items that we want to add to the kitchen, anything stainless catches our eye first.

I love the Vacu Vin for a few reasons.  First of all… look at it!  LOL

The company says it features:

Vacuum indicator

Patented ‘click’ sound

2 Crystal Wine Servers pour without any drips.

2 stoppers

The vacuum pump seals the air out of the open bottle so you can enjoy the wine longer.  Obviously it doesn’t last forever, however if you open the wine for dinner then decide you don’t want to drink anymore you need to reseal the bottle.  We love the fact that it clicks to let you know you can stop pumping.

We also own a cheap plastic one of these things, which I never know how long to pump for.

I also love that this product comes with the wine server (no it doesn’t sport a suit and tie…that would be nice though ..LOL)  However it does save the countertop.  Maybe you, like me, have butcher board counters, so red wine can leave a serious stain that takes awhile to clean off.  It’s so handy to pop this in the bottle and not have to worry about drips or leaks left behind.

All in all we give this one a 5 star rating!

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Pairing wine with food book review

How many times have you wondered what wine should I serve with this meal?  Or do you stand in the liqour store surrounded by bottles feeling lost and praying for a customer service rep to help you?

Pairing foods with wines can be a challenge.   Especially when there are so many wines to choose from.

If you’ve ever eaten a meal prepared from a chef who has paired the wines with the foods you”ll know there is a talent to it. And if you have the proper drinks with your meals the flavours boost and make the food that much better.  But we know that not every wine suits seafood or poultry.  To discover what to pair with what we looked at “What to Drink with What You Eat

We seriously have to give this one a 5 star rating.  It is so helpful and offers not only what pairing would be best but also looks at other considerations such as:  when you are going to be drinking, what mood you want to create and what the current season is.

The authors even offer information on what drinks you could potentially serve with fast food.  Now who would have thought to add in a Gewürztraminer the next time you order KFC?  Or to serve champagne with potato chips… but it does make a lot of sense… sweet & salty, right?

Beyond the wines they also discuss other drinks like tea, coffee, beer and spirits.

One of the things I really enjoy about the book is they offering suggestions on what to pair with the beverage you have already chosen not the other way around.

It’s a great one… speaking of which, I’d better go flip through the pages; its roast beef tonight.

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