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Loving Kindness for self


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Get your energy back

We’ve all heard of the term to describe people as energy vampires; people who can zap us and leave us feeling totally drained.

And sometimes that can happen in an instant; a word, a phrase even a look can sometimes do it to us.

However how often do you forget that you are in control of your thoughts?  I know I do.

It’s a matter of staying awake and remembering that we are in control of what we think about.  One of the quotes I often give to clients is from Ghandhi.  He said, “I will not allow anyone to walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

And truly dirty feet they are when they drag us down!

Here are a few ideas to help you get your energy back when you find yourself drained:

1) Listen to your favourite music

2) Dance …. like no one is watching because mostly likely they aren’t! LOL

3) Breathe deeply

4) Repeat the quote above like a mantra several times.  Simply reminding yourself of the dirty feet.

5) Meditate

6) Buy something… although this one can get you in a whirlwind of trouble as we try to soothe from the outside in.  However retail therapy does sometimes help!

7) Do some Yoga or Tai chi.  Remind yourself of your spirit.

8.) Talk it out!  Now a days no one thinks its wierd to see someone talking to themselves while driving; the car is a great place to let it all out.  You could say what you wanted to say to the individual but didn’t have the guts.

9)  Go for  a walk.  Reconnecting with nature can truly help.

10) Spend time with a cat or dog.  Animals only know about unconditional love and can be great teachers in the path to forgiveness.

That is pretty much where we have to get to; forgiving.  For the other person does not have to live in your head and feel what you feel.  So letting it go and moving forward is the best way to handle it.

How do you let go?  You could keep saying “I forgive you” in your mind to them until you eventually believe it.

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Change your thinking

This is a portion of an email from the other day.  It’s from Joe Vitale (The Secret teacher).

I am mindful of the words I say.

It wasn’t always that way.

I believe it started some 10 years ago when I held a job in logistics.

Sales would call and say, “We have a problem!”

I’d always respond with, “There are no problems, what’s your challenge?”

It always made them pause.



“Transformational Vocabulary.”

What I want you to do is change some of the words
you use when you communicate to yourself. These
subtle changes can make all the difference in how
you handle issues as they arise.

For instance…

– Refer to problems as “opportunities.”

– Instead of saying, “I have to” – say, “I get

– A setback is really a “challenge.”

– Tormentors are really “teachers.”

– Pain could be a “signal.”

– Instead of saying “I demand” – say, “I would

– Rather than complain, you can “request.”

– Instead of feeling like you’re struggling, you
can be on a “journey.”

– Rather than simply doing – why not “create?”


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Hidden Surprises

This weekend we watched the film The Scoop from Rogers on Demand. I was saying to Lyle this is a film that I would normally have walked past (probably several times) at the Video store. However, with Rogers on Demand you can preview the films and once we did it looked very good. We definitely were not let down! Woody Allen, whose work I usually avoid (sorry, but its true) was incredible. I seriously laughed aloud at many of his one liners. The film pretty much keeps you guessing right until the end. I highly recommend this BBC creation. It also features Hugh Jackman and Scarlette Johannson.

It just goes to show you should never judge a book (movie, person, animal etc.,) by its cover! LOL

PS. You can view the trailer if you click the above link.

PSS. Hope you are enjoying the snow!

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Fresh Beginnings

Wishing you all the best for 2007
May it be full of abundance, joy, health and miracles!

Please enjoy this link from Mr. Fire, the Free Gifts

This information continues to bring joy and amazement into my life. May you find a similar experience. May 2007 see all of your dreams realized!


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Time for your Christmas Present


Hope you enjoy it!

ps. If it takes a while to load, you can explore it over at
Search word: The Secret

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