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Loving Kindness for self


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Get your energy back

We’ve all heard of the term to describe people as energy vampires; people who can zap us and leave us feeling totally drained.

And sometimes that can happen in an instant; a word, a phrase even a look can sometimes do it to us.

However how often do you forget that you are in control of your thoughts?  I know I do.

It’s a matter of staying awake and remembering that we are in control of what we think about.  One of the quotes I often give to clients is from Ghandhi.  He said, “I will not allow anyone to walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

And truly dirty feet they are when they drag us down!

Here are a few ideas to help you get your energy back when you find yourself drained:

1) Listen to your favourite music

2) Dance …. like no one is watching because mostly likely they aren’t! LOL

3) Breathe deeply

4) Repeat the quote above like a mantra several times.  Simply reminding yourself of the dirty feet.

5) Meditate

6) Buy something… although this one can get you in a whirlwind of trouble as we try to soothe from the outside in.  However retail therapy does sometimes help!

7) Do some Yoga or Tai chi.  Remind yourself of your spirit.

8.) Talk it out!  Now a days no one thinks its wierd to see someone talking to themselves while driving; the car is a great place to let it all out.  You could say what you wanted to say to the individual but didn’t have the guts.

9)  Go for  a walk.  Reconnecting with nature can truly help.

10) Spend time with a cat or dog.  Animals only know about unconditional love and can be great teachers in the path to forgiveness.

That is pretty much where we have to get to; forgiving.  For the other person does not have to live in your head and feel what you feel.  So letting it go and moving forward is the best way to handle it.

How do you let go?  You could keep saying “I forgive you” in your mind to them until you eventually believe it.

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A Peaceful Warrior story or how Not to create your life

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A Millionaire Mind

I must tell you I’m still on a high from the seminar on the weekend. And oddly enough …T. Harv Eker author of The Millionaire Mind (who I knew nothing about at all…I must admit) was awesome. I really enjoyed this guy!

I’ll also admit he spent a lot of time yelling at us, but it was all good. It really pushed us to think of what we are currently doing and what it is we could do differently if we truly wish to see changes occur.

Glad I’m older now, in my younger years I wouldn’t have listened to a word he said!

He also challenged us to go an entire 7 days without complaining once. I’ll also admit I complained today for the first time.

I can’t revisit what it was about without offering it more energy. Yet the fact remains I did. I don’t consider it failure. One complaint since this past Saturday is pretty good if you ask me!

I challenge you to do it as well! For 7 days…no complaining.

I’d love to hear how it goes.

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Secret Boyfriend

I’m listening to one of my Secret boyfriends, Joe Vitale . It’s an interview between him and Bill Harris. They are speaking about manifesting your life etc. What I’m finding rather interesting is how everyone (including myself and these two men + countless others) really have hit bottom before they/we have brought really large shifts or changes to life.

Think about the people you know….maybe even yourself. When the largest shifts occur for us its normally after we have been challenged to our limits.

Then we begin to move toward change and afterwards are so thankful to have gone through those experiences.

Definitely a peculiar universe we live in wouldn’t you agree?

PS. As it seems March is to come in like a lion, I guess it will go out like a lamb.

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To Give

I was speaking with my Mom this morning about the Secret. She is very good at applying the laws of attraction and thinking of what she would like to see manifest in her life; but, as most people, can get easily sidetracked so words do not support belief. During the conversation we discussed a woman who is having issues with health. This woman spends so much time focusing on illness, she is creating it in her life. What we focus on becomes truth. We agreed we all have our challenges; some more, some less. Mom said, “And I have a challenge for you!”

Uh ho

She challenged me to
1) Begin to donate $10 per month to a charity of my choice.

Normally, I donate to Trent University or Amnesty International; once per year.
Monthly? Hmmmm…

2) Open a savings account in which I deposit $5.00 per month.

Now, if I say I can’t then I am focusing on lack. If I have enough or more than enough then this should be easy, right?

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