Listen to your body (*Yoga)


I teach many seniors yoga.  Most of them I don’t consider to be seniors and you wouldn’t believe how well their bodies move.

One of my students is an 87 year old male.  He found yoga a year ago and has been practicing with me weekly and on his own several times a week.  He asked me what CD’s he could purchase to continue as he doesn’t want to come to class for the winter months.  He’s concerned he’ll risk a fall on the ice.

Here’s the thing, there are a lot of books, CD’s, DVD’s etc., on the market.  And some of them are accessible for all.

Yet some of them I can’t even do.  If you purchase any of these products be sure to review it before you practice it.

And most importantly listen to your body first and foremost and never push it to any extreme!


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December 16, 2011 · 6:05 pm

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